Thai Red Curry Recipe – Beef Red Curry Pressure Cooker Recipe

Thai Red Curry Recipe

I absolutely love Thai red curry but for some reason I thought cooking curry would be difficult. I couldn’t have been more wrong. About 30 minutes start to finish the chicken or beef curry dish was easy to make and tasted just like a Thai restaurant meal.

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Pressure Cooker Cranberry Orange Chicken – Reader Submitted Recipe

Pressure Cooker Cranberry Orange Chicken

Cranberries are delicious. Ever since we made home-made cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving we have been trying to include cranberries wherever we can. In recipes, dried on salads and in oatmeal, we forgot just how sweet and tangy they can be, which is why I was so excited when we got this recipe submission from one of our readers.

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200 Cookies in 40 Seconds – Merry Christmas

Christmas Cookies

Merry Christmas from our kitchen to yours. Our family had fun making over 200 cookies in a pre-Christmas butter-using gut-busting binge-inducing bake off. We patched together a quick video to help celebrate. No pressure cookers were used in the creation of these Christmas cookies, although we did consult with one first. Here’s a link to […]

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Fagor Pressure Cooker Giveaway – Last Chance to Enter

Free Pressure Cooker Giveaway

This is just a quick reminder that the contest for a FREE Fagor 6qt pressure cooker ends tonight at midnight. If you havent done so already you can enter at the contest page on our website.

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Recipe for Stuffing – Homemade Stuffing with Sausage in a Pressure Cooker

Recipe for stuffing

This recipe for stuffing is incredibly easy, and would be very easy to tailor to fit your favorite family stuffing/dressing recipe. We used sausage, but you could also use giblets (or both), and you could substitute corn bread for the crumbled bread if you prefer.

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Turkey Stock – Making Turkey Stock in a Pressure Cooker

How to Make Turkey Stock

Making homemade turkey stock with in a pressure cooker could’nt get much simpler. Take a look at our turkey stock video recipe for a quick overview on how to make great homemade stock.

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