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Thai Red Curry Recipe – Beef Red Curry Pressure Cooker Recipe

Thai Red Curry Recipe

I absolutely love Thai red curry but for some reason I thought cooking curry would be difficult. I couldn’t have been more wrong. About 30 minutes start to finish the chicken or beef curry dish was easy to make and tasted just like a Thai restaurant meal.

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Pressure Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipe

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We had never made corned beef and cabbage before, but we knew we wanted to try it. When we went to the grocery store to pick our the meat, and read the cooking instructions for an hour per pound, we knew this would be a perfect pressure cooker meal. We were able to shave three hours down to less than one!

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How to Cook a Roast – Pressure Cooker Pot Roast

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What is a “Home-cooked meal”? Food fads may come and go, but pot roast never leaves. It is probably the very definition of home-cooked. Yankee pot roast – or a cut of beef browned to perfection and introducted to its vegetable companions part way through cooking – is an all-in-one-pot hearty meal. The first written reference of Pot Roast appeared in 1881, a natural evolution of the colonial-era New England Boiled Dinner. Once an appetizing way to cook inferior meat, or cuts from beasts that have been working animals rather than food animals, pot roast at its core represents simplicity, frugality, and sensibility.

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Easy Chili Recipe – 8 Minutes in Your Pressure Cooker

Easy chili recipe

“Hot as hell’s brimstone” or “soup of the Devil”, the more priests warned against it, the more people wanted it. From the first chili cook-off in the abandoned mining town of Terlingua, Texas in 1967 to your kitchen next Tuesday night, this easy chili recipe cooked in your pressure cooker is yours to tweak to your heart’s content. Try it, tweak it, and share.

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How to Make Beef Stew – Beef Stew Recipe Using a Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker Beef Stew

I am getting hungry just writing about it. This is one of my favorite pressure cooker recipies. More than just a delicious and hearty combination of ingredients, stew brings back memories of family and my childhood. There we were standing in line next to the stove, bowl in hand, eagerly awaiting mother’s declaration that it’s ready. Outside snow drifts against the doorway and we hope, we pray, that the wind keeps blowing and the snow keeps falling, piling, drifting just deep enough to cancel school in the morning….

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