Pressure Cooker Reviews and Best Picks

Here are a few thoughts about models we use, have used, or get good reviews from other cooks and users we heard from. If you are not sure which is the best pressure cooker for you, read some tips on how to select one below our recommendations.

Fagor Pressure Cookers

We mostly use a Fagor pressure cooker and we recommend Fagor America’s Duo Line or mid-range pressure model and their Splendid line or introductory range models. Read our more detailed pressure cooker review here.

The Fagor Duo line  features a spring type mechanism with two pressure settings: Low (8psi) and High (15psi) allowing flexibility for a wider range of recipes.  You won’t need the low setting often but for some delicate foods like fish, shrimp, some veggies, and for steamed rice it will by handy.

The Fagor Splendid line features a great basic cooker that gets the job done.

Presto Pressure Cookers

Presto is a good alternative but they mostly manufacture pressure cookers with “jiggle” or weighted top pressure regulators.  There certainly isn’t anything wrong with this design (we used the 6 quart weighted regulator below for years) but in our opinion you lack a little of the accuracy that comes with spring type regulators.  Here are a few we recommend:

Mirro Pressure Cookers

Now we haven’t used a Mirro pressure cooker yet, but we have used other T-Fal products (parent company) to a good result. Here are a few models that come pretty well reviewed by other cooks out there:

Jump right to Mirror Pressure cookers and read reviews: Mirro Pressure Cookers.

Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cookers

These are advertised as the Mercedes of pressure cookers and if you look at the price you’d be right. We are currently working to see if we can get one to test out. Here are a few of their better reviewed and more “moderately” priced models:

This is our favorite Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cookers. It’s the Cadillac of the best pressure cooker available.

Here are a few things to consider if you are in the market to buy a pressure cooker.

What pressure cooker features should I look for?

  • Read pressure cooker reviews
    • While browsing take advantage of other’s experiences and read how they use, like, and possibly dislike a feature or model.
  • If possible look for a stainless steel three-ply bottom
    • Aluminum pressure cookers work great and last a very long time (we used one for years before getting a stainless steel model) if you are planning a very long pressure cooking relationship stainless steel might be a little more durable and stain resistant.
  • Accurate pressure indicator and quick release
    • A pressure cooker capable of reaching 15psi (pounds per square inch) is the accepted standard for most pressure cooker recipes.  Often taken for granted, be sure the model that you select is capable of reaching this level.   Also look for an accurate indicator that will clearly indicate when this level has been reached (pop-up indicator, colored marker, etc).  The less guesswork the better.
  • Lots of safety features
    • If you are buying new, don’t worry too much as modern pressure cookers offer many safety features that pressure cookers of the past simply did not.  Read and understand what features your pressure cooker has.

What size should I buy?

It depends.  Take into consideration the number of portions you often prepare, your storage space, your budget, etc.  A 6-quart pressure cooker is probably the minimum and a 7- to 8-quart model would be best if it’s in your budget.  Remember the pressure cooker can only be filled two-thirds full for most foods and only half full for foods that foam or froth during cooking.

“While even the largest pressure cooker is capable of cooking the smallest amounts of food, large amounts cannot be cooked in a smaller one.”

What pressure cookers do you recommend?

Have questions?

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We will be writing more pressure cooker reviews as we test out other models and manufacturers.